Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thirsty Thursday: Fall Moscow Mules

Last night I went to a Team Have Dreams pasta dinner party! It was so nice to meet other members of team have dreams.  We talked about how we are getting ready for the big marathon day and experienced runners shared stories and advice.  Plus, we had so much pasta and pizza!  It was a really nice evening and it always amazes me how much you have to talk about with other people who are also running a marathon.  I only have a few more days left until the big day! 

So, I just ran my last TWO miles! Yep, only two.  I feel very excited and I can't believe the next time I run it will be in the Chicago Marathon!  Woo!

Last weekend, my buddy Caryn came over.  As we were getting ready for a girl's night out with dinner and wine, we decided it would be a splendid idea to make some Moscow Mules.  I am a huge fan and I decided to put a little twist on it so that it would be fall themed.  I found some ginger vodka at the store and delicious apple cider and I was ready to go.  It was a great tasting drink and we loved how the apple cider really went well with the ginger.  I don't have the cute copper mugs (I registered for them!), but the drink was still great!  If you are looking for a cold, fall cocktail, this is the one!

Fall Moscow Mules

2 oz. ginger vodka
2 oz. apple cider
juice of 1/8 lime (or more to taste)
ginger beer (get some high quality stuff)

1. Pour the vodka, apple cider, and lime juice into your cup.  Then, add the ginger beer.  About a 1/2 cup works well.  Add ice and serve! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Save the Dates

I ordered Save the Dates!!!

I used Shutterfly and I waited until they were offering a 50% off coupon.  So, I ended up with a great deal.  We are expecting to invite about 300 guests (I know...its huge), and so I was told that I should order 200.  However, it was $2 more to buy 225 and I figured I would do that just to be safe.  I know that you only need to send 1 to couples and such, but I wanted to have enough and I figured they would be a nice keepsake as well.

Here are some of the designs that I was considering:

Plus, we used 3 of our engagement photos on the cards and they look so pretty :)  You all will just have to wait to see the finished product!  OOOH! And, it's a magnet! I can't wait to get them and then start sending them out!

Also, my friend, Caryn, has been calling them "StDs," which I think it pretty hilarious and every time I think about my Save the Dates I giggle a little...but anyways...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spring Veggie Pasta

I only have 6 miles left to do on my marathon training plan.  The race is super close and I figured I would share a yummy pasta dish in honor of all the carb loading I've been doing.  I ate this for dinner the night before my big 20 mile run and I felt great.  It was a pasta dish filled with great flavors and I loved the way the roasted broccolini and tomatoes came out.  I used whole wheat pasta and the whole thing ended up being a really healthy way to get some good carbs in your diet.  

Tomorrow I have a 4 mile run and then Thursday is a 2 mile run and then that is it! I am ready to run Chicago's fantastic 26.2 mile route!

School this week is also somehow flying by.  I'm not sure if it is excitement or nerves, but the time is just slipping right by me.  Plus, Wednesday is a testing day where I am proctoring the ACT and Friday is an Institute Day with no students.  Then, we also have Monday off for Columbus Day.  All this is making this, plus the marathon is making this week feel extra special and super strange.  Today my students are starting some graphing work for precalculus and my AP guys are getting ready for a test on Thursday.  I am trying real hard to stay focused, but I honestly feel a bit all over the place! Then, I also have cheer practice, but that is mostly just a lot of fun and the team is getting really good!

So to wrap up, this week is crazy, this pasta is crazy good, and I am a bit of a scattered-brained, mess.  So head over to Food & Wine for this pasta recipe, it is really yummy.  I followed everything pretty exactly except for the fact that I used whole wheat linguini and instead of shaved ricotta salata cheese (my grocery store did not have any), I used a hard goat cheddar cheese (which was super delish).  Have fun and enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Marathon Training Monday: The Final Countdown

9 miles left.

That's it! This past Saturday was the last training run with my CARA buddies.  We ran 8 miles and it didn't even feel like anything.  I feel great.  I am so excited. And now it is time to run these last 9 miles (3, 4, 2) and prepare for the big day: Sunday.  

This week is all about rest and food.  Nutrition is so important at this point and I am getting ready by eating my carbs, but not overdoing it.  I am wearing flats to school so that I don't put extra stress on my feet and ankles.  I am also planning out this upcoming weekend.  

The day before, my parents are coming down to Chicago for brunch and then we are all going to head to the expo together to pick up my race swag and check out all the vendors.  The expo is pretty great and I am excited to shop for a new marathon clothing item.  Then, we are going to head back to our apartment to chill before a delish pasta dinner st Caro Mio.  I can't wait and it should be the perfect day before the big one. 

So, the next time I talk about marathons, I'll have finished my second one! Wish me luck :)